Install METAMASK plugin for Chrome or Firefox

1. Go to and select Get Chrome or Firefox Extension

2. Click on add to CHROME and follow the instructions to create your own wallet

Before the game ,make sure METAMASK is logged in and there is sufficient amount in your wallet

1. Find the Fox icon in your browser

2. Make sure Main Ethereum is connected


1. you can choose your language

2. click one the Diamond to add

3. Or you could just enter the amount you need
4. Click Send ETH, there would be confirm massage from MetaMask . Confirm the transaction and all set.


1. from ”Rewards”

2. your invest status shows here

My investment How many eth had been invested this round
Dividend dividend amount
Referral Bonus The amount you get from referral system
Pot Bonus Bonus from pot or airdrop
Zomo5D Token Zomo5D tokens you have, you could use it for more rewards
Withdraw withdraw both your eth and Z5D tokens from contract



Zomo5D Token

0.0000 Z5D

@ Z5D token